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Awards and prizes


EPSA 2011

The Knowledge Based Economy Project has received a new certification of Good Practice at the 2011 „European Public Sector Awards” (EPSA) within the European Institution of Public Administration.

The Best Practice Certificate has been received upon three evaluation steps made by an experienced jury, comprising a shortlist of 58 nominees from a total of 274 projects from 33 participating countries. The Ministry of Communications and Information Society, through the Project Management Unit, competed  in the EPSA 2011 Awards at the „Smart Public Service in a Cold Economic Climate”category. This Best Practice distinction rewards and certify the outstanding results that KEP Project has had until now.


The COMPUTERWORLD Honors Program

The Project Management Unit, within the Ministry of Communications and Information Society, has been named a Laureate in the 2011 ComputerWorld Honors Program.

The „Knowledge based Economy Project” joins 254 others from 23 countries as Laureates in this year’s program, from more than 1000 applicants world wide.

The Awards Ceremony will be held in June, 20th 2011, in Washington D.C., USA.


National Agency of Public Servants

1st Prize at the National Competition of Best Practices in Public Administration, , for "Improving public services through quality management and organizational performance" category, organized by the National Agency of Public Servants in 2010.

Knowledge based Economy Project is considered to be an example of good practice in Romania's public administration due to its remarkable results, its proven efficiency and its disseminated practices.



Finalist, at the International Project Excellence Awards 2010, in "Project Excellence in Medium-Sized Projects" category, organized by the International Project Management Association (IPMA).

The solid implementation and success of the IT&C Training Program in school and business and the eCommunity.ro Portal, both part of the KEP Project, have impressed the IPMA jury (Project Management International Association), who recommends them as one of the most important achievements in project management.


e-Inclusion 2008

Medal at the e-Inclusion Competitionorganized by the European Commission, at the section “Geographic Inclusion” section, Vienna, 2008. The Knowledge based Economy Project is considered an example of good practice for effective use of IT&C and digital technology to tackle social disadvantage and digital exclusion.


Romanian IT&C Awards 2006

Knowledge Based Economy was considered to be the "Project with the best informational content" at the Romanian IT&C Awards – Bucharest, 2006, for contributing to the extensive process of expanding access to information technologies and modern communications to rural communities.

This section contains both documents specific to the educational field and a couple of online tools and resources meant to guide the teacher in the educational process.

In the process of knowing, teaching and learning specific skills are essential. Of these components depends the quality of knowledge transmitted from generation to generation.

To facilitate learning, here you can see the comprehensive collection of tools, information and news about educational and related disciplines.

Current news, information about projects, exams, school programs, school camps, educational programs, etc.. Are all available in the Education section.


Original education method used by RECL Baru

The commune of Baru (Hunedoara County) had a lot to win from the Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP) implemented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Society, especially when it came to educating local youth. Meetings with sons of the village who became personalities of public liferead entire text


KEP involves Diosig students in writing local historiography

For pupils in Diosig , Bihor County, the Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP) implemented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Society meant knowing their local values and history. The material they gathered throughout the years during the educational activities organised by KEP andread entire text


PAPI Hoceni creates email addresses for all school children and preschoolers in the commune

For Hoceni (Vaslui), the Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP) implemented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Society represented a big benefit, especially once the educational side. RECL representatives organised a large array of activities dedicate to digital literacy of youngread entire text


In Holod, Rroma learned to read and write usign KEP computers

In Holod , Bihor, the Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP) implemented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Society was a chance for under-privileged Rroma become drivers. For the commune of Holod, in Bihor, KEP was of real help. „The project has proven to be very good, as it had majorread entire text


Qualification courses for IT operators, facilitated by the Vaideeni RECL manager

More than 100 unemployed people from Vaideeni and Costești, in Vâlcea county, will become qualified as operators in data input, processing and validation. Courses are part of a project attracted in the two communities by the Vaideeni RECL manager. The course consists in promoting entrepreneurshipread entire text


18 Latvian teachers visit Vulcana Băi thanks to KEP-initiated Comenius project

A new stage, a new visit and good practice exchange, part of the Comenius Regio Coaction project „Cooperation without barriers between regions in Latvia and Romania to improve the educational offer”, took place recently in Vulcana-Băi (Dâmbovița). At the end of 2012, Romanian partners visitedread entire text


Pupils in Vulcana Băi visited tourist attractions in five counties, thanks to Comenius project initiated by KEP

The Coaction cam is the third activity taking place recently in the Regio Comenius project “Cooperation without barriers between regions in Latvia and Romania for the improvement of the educational offer”. The principal of the school in Vulcana Băi (Dâmbovița), Manuela Gheorghe, was an importantread entire text


Making pupils responsible and generating revenue for schools, an initiative of RECL Roata de Jos

Roata de Jos RECL manager, Cristina Drăghiciu, and the French teacher of the schools, Gabriela Tila, had the excellent idea to write a project which would involve pupils and make them more responsible, while at the same time would generate income to equip the school. The knowledge she acquiredread entire text


Vărăști eHolidays 2013 – a success

The tradition of the eVacanța competition, initiated by KEP, continued in Vărăști (Giurgiu) this year as well. From July 1st to September 1th, pupils came to PAPI frequently and got involved in activities created by the RECL manager Cosmin Constantin. He set a schedule of 4 hours a day, dividedread entire text


PAPI Youth Support Centre in Pătârlagele

After the first month of implementing the project started by the Pătârlagele RECL manager, „Youth Support Centre”, the first results were quick to appear. PAPI received a laptop and supplies, which will allow it to function from now on. They will also be used for IT trainings for at least 30 people,read entire text


eHolidays 2013 brings fun activities to Vărăști

The eHolidays project goes on in Vărăști (Giurgiu). Until the beginning of this year, PAPI hosted various educational activities, tailored after those organised in the competition organised with the same name in the the Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP). All activities were coordinated by RECLread entire text


KEP offers language training for Gheorgheni locals

Although PAPI Gheorgheni (Harghita) has neither RECL manager nor IT administrator, the centre received modern IT&C infrastructure and broadband internet access through the Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP). Activities are coordinated by Szabo Hajnal, public administrator at the local City Hall.read entire text


Rewards for Sărmașu pupils involved in KEP projects

Projects implemented through Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP) last year stimulated pupils in Sărmașu (Mureș County) and guided them towards education, culture and literature. Some children wrote their own papers, and their worth was recognised in local, county and even national competitions.read entire text


Teachers in Bârsoiu visit Turkey thanks to Comenius project started by RECL Stoilești

Pupils and teachers of the Bîrsoiu Secondary School, part of the school in Stoilești (Vâlcea County), went on the second visit in the project „Healthy life, healthy world", to Turkey. When they returned, they looked back on the first year of the project and concluded they meet all goals included inread entire text


RECL Sângeorgiu de Pădure launches a challenge for Romanian education

The Romanian learning system faces a new challenge: using robots in the teaching process. The little robots will soon come to life and, starting this month, they will be easily used, as the costs of making them are relatively small. The idea comes from Istvan Menyhart, RECL manager in Sângeorgiu deread entire text

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