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Awards and prizes


EPSA 2011

The Knowledge Based Economy Project has received a new certification of Good Practice at the 2011 „European Public Sector Awards” (EPSA) within the European Institution of Public Administration.

The Best Practice Certificate has been received upon three evaluation steps made by an experienced jury, comprising a shortlist of 58 nominees from a total of 274 projects from 33 participating countries. The Ministry of Communications and Information Society, through the Project Management Unit, competed  in the EPSA 2011 Awards at the „Smart Public Service in a Cold Economic Climate”category. This Best Practice distinction rewards and certify the outstanding results that KEP Project has had until now.


The COMPUTERWORLD Honors Program

The Project Management Unit, within the Ministry of Communications and Information Society, has been named a Laureate in the 2011 ComputerWorld Honors Program.

The „Knowledge based Economy Project” joins 254 others from 23 countries as Laureates in this year’s program, from more than 1000 applicants world wide.

The Awards Ceremony will be held in June, 20th 2011, in Washington D.C., USA.


National Agency of Public Servants

1st Prize at the National Competition of Best Practices in Public Administration, , for "Improving public services through quality management and organizational performance" category, organized by the National Agency of Public Servants in 2010.

Knowledge based Economy Project is considered to be an example of good practice in Romania's public administration due to its remarkable results, its proven efficiency and its disseminated practices.



Finalist, at the International Project Excellence Awards 2010, in "Project Excellence in Medium-Sized Projects" category, organized by the International Project Management Association (IPMA).

The solid implementation and success of the IT&C Training Program in school and business and the eCommunity.ro Portal, both part of the KEP Project, have impressed the IPMA jury (Project Management International Association), who recommends them as one of the most important achievements in project management.


e-Inclusion 2008

Medal at the e-Inclusion Competitionorganized by the European Commission, at the section “Geographic Inclusion” section, Vienna, 2008. The Knowledge based Economy Project is considered an example of good practice for effective use of IT&C and digital technology to tackle social disadvantage and digital exclusion.


Romanian IT&C Awards 2006

Knowledge Based Economy was considered to be the "Project with the best informational content" at the Romanian IT&C Awards – Bucharest, 2006, for contributing to the extensive process of expanding access to information technologies and modern communications to rural communities.

The role of the culture is essential and overwhelming in the affirmation of the national dignity. In the current society the individual is assaulted by information. It is important, however, as humans, from different social environments, to have the insight to make the best out of this information without breaking the cultural bounds of the community.

The progress of the society is indissolubly tied to the preservation and propagation of the cultural legacy from generation to generation. Under the cultural point of view no one should be considered marginal, because at a certain time, didn’t have the opportunity of training in an important cultural center but in a under privileged community.

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Choir started by Vărăști RECL manager puts on shows for December 1st and Christmas

Children in the „Whispers of Angels” choir, started by Vărăști RECL manager, Cosmin Constantin, are busy at work to prepare the show for the National Day of Romania. The spectacular shows they staged this year earned the kids an invitation to sing during Christmas in the Greaca Domain tourist area.read entire text


„Vasile Militaru” Cultural Centre – RECL Vărăști main project for 2014

Inaugurating the Vărăști cultural centre, an initiative started in 2012 by the RECL manager, entered its final stage and is now the main goal for 2014. The centre will be named after local poet Vasile Militaru, whom the RECL manager nominated as an honorary citizen of Vărăști commune. The RECLread entire text


Biblionet rewarded a project taking place in Tulgheș and Sângeorgiu de Pădure

A project called ATES – „Healthy, Traditional and Balanced Diet”, implemented by the Tulgheș library in partnership with the Sângeorgiu de Pădure City Library in the eCULTURA KEP competition, was rewarded in the Biblionet National Programme, in the contest called „Ideas for tomorrow at the localread entire text


eCULTURA results, presented to museum director by RECL Sângeorgiu de Pădure

The partnership signed by RECL Sângeorgiu de Pădure with the Ethnographic Museum Târgu Mureș, in order to continue the project DigiCult which started under the KEP umbrella, shows the first results. the RECL manager Istvan Menyhart was invited to a session of scientific communications taking placeread entire text


„eTraditions in inter-cultural Romania” opens school year in Vintileasca

The inter-school educational project „eTraditions in inter-cultural Romania” continues this school year. Following a meeting of project teams, partners in the KEP community of Vintileasca (Vrancea) and those in Săcele (Brașov County) will start the activities which aim to keep alive the tradition ofread entire text


KEP cultural project starts in Sângeorgiu and goes county-wide

A project called DigiCult started in Sângeorgiu de Pădure as part of the eCultura programme, launched by the Ministry of Communications and Information Society. The project was so successful that, following implementation, an agreement was signed with the Etnographic Museum in Târgu Mureș, for theread entire text


RECL Pătârlagele aims to involve youth in social and civic activities

Last year, the RECL manager in Pătârlagele , Buzău County, organised a project called „Preserving local traditions and customs in a European context”. Building on that experience, he is now working on a new project, „We make the difference”, which he will submit in autumn for the Youth in Actionread entire text


”Summer Party” 2013 in Mircea Vodă

In the commune of Mircea Vodă , Brăila County, young people had a night to remember: competitions, raffle, choosing the most beautiful girl, surprise prizes, they were all possible thanks to the Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP) implemented by the Ministry of Communications and Informationread entire text


KEP makes talented children in Vărăști known nation-wide

The vocal group „Angel whispers” was founded half an year ago thanks to the initiative of Vărăşti RECL manager, Giurgiu County. In these short months, the children made huge progress in the musical areas. After the „Joy to be a Christian” National Poetry and Religious Music Competition, a member ofread entire text


Numismatics exhibition organised at the initiative of RECL Valea Moldovei

After helping set up the museum „History and traditional culture in Valea Moldovei ”, RECL manager Mihai Fedorovici proposed another cultural goal, to organise a numismatics exhibition in the local schools. Old coins and banknotes, dozens or hundreds of years old, were already collected with helpread entire text


“E-traditions in multicultural Romania”- a follow-up of eCultura in Vrancea, in Vintileasca

On June 2nd, the „Queen Mary” School in Vintileasca began the project “E-traditions in multicultural Romania”. It’s built following the model of projects included in the eCultura competition, from the framework of the Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP), a programme proven to be a success for allread entire text


„Why are we Orthodox Christians” conference – event of the year in Vărăști organised through KEP

PAPI Vărăşti hosted in April a conference on religious topics, with priest Vasile Gavrilă, from the Russian Church in Bucharest, as speaker. Named the event of the year in the Vărăști community, the conference was organised by RECL manager Cosmin Constantin. He promises it won’t be the last suchread entire text


Spring „Mărțișor” traditions, preserved in the „Other kind of library” programme

March 1st, the day when every Romanian child gives his mother a „Mărțișor”, is quickly approaching. Since the most appreciated type of „mărțișor” is hand-made, children in Tulgheș were invited to the local library to learn how to create them, by using a technique called quilling. The workshop isread entire text


KEP, at the origin of founding two museums in Vintileasa

An ethnography museum and another one dedicated to popular crafts – these are aims which the teachers from the KEP team of the „Queen Mary” School in Vintileasca (Vrancea) want to accomplish in the near future. The first will be hosted in a 150 years old house, but for the second teachers are stillread entire text


The „History and Traditional Culture” Museum in Valea Moldovei, visible online thanks to KEP

The „History and Traditional Culture” Museum in Valea Moldovei is now open around the clock to the public. The museum is still located in the same building as PAPI, but its virtual gates are now open to visitors throughout the world. The RECL manager played an essential part, as he used theread entire text

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