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Awards and prizes


EPSA 2011

The Knowledge Based Economy Project has received a new certification of Good Practice at the 2011 „European Public Sector Awards” (EPSA) within the European Institution of Public Administration.

The Best Practice Certificate has been received upon three evaluation steps made by an experienced jury, comprising a shortlist of 58 nominees from a total of 274 projects from 33 participating countries. The Ministry of Communications and Information Society, through the Project Management Unit, competed  in the EPSA 2011 Awards at the „Smart Public Service in a Cold Economic Climate”category. This Best Practice distinction rewards and certify the outstanding results that KEP Project has had until now.


The COMPUTERWORLD Honors Program

The Project Management Unit, within the Ministry of Communications and Information Society, has been named a Laureate in the 2011 ComputerWorld Honors Program.

The „Knowledge based Economy Project” joins 254 others from 23 countries as Laureates in this year’s program, from more than 1000 applicants world wide.

The Awards Ceremony will be held in June, 20th 2011, in Washington D.C., USA.


National Agency of Public Servants

1st Prize at the National Competition of Best Practices in Public Administration, , for "Improving public services through quality management and organizational performance" category, organized by the National Agency of Public Servants in 2010.

Knowledge based Economy Project is considered to be an example of good practice in Romania's public administration due to its remarkable results, its proven efficiency and its disseminated practices.



Finalist, at the International Project Excellence Awards 2010, in "Project Excellence in Medium-Sized Projects" category, organized by the International Project Management Association (IPMA).

The solid implementation and success of the IT&C Training Program in school and business and the eCommunity.ro Portal, both part of the KEP Project, have impressed the IPMA jury (Project Management International Association), who recommends them as one of the most important achievements in project management.


e-Inclusion 2008

Medal at the e-Inclusion Competitionorganized by the European Commission, at the section “Geographic Inclusion” section, Vienna, 2008. The Knowledge based Economy Project is considered an example of good practice for effective use of IT&C and digital technology to tackle social disadvantage and digital exclusion.


Romanian IT&C Awards 2006

Knowledge Based Economy was considered to be the "Project with the best informational content" at the Romanian IT&C Awards – Bucharest, 2006, for contributing to the extensive process of expanding access to information technologies and modern communications to rural communities.

Romanian business environment has undergone substantial transformation in recent years. Adopting the model proposed by the mature European economies, the business environment took a lot of tools and business practices validated by international experience.

Overcoming the inertia of a centralized economy, Romanians have become entrepreneurs, managing to trigger the rearranging of structures and economic capital in the new paradigm of open economy.

Once Romania joins the European Union, local businesses felt the need to be connected to modern interaction means.

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Vine-growers in Diosig and Recaș receive KEP support during recession

For the communes of Recaș , in Timiș County, and Diosig , in Bihor County, the Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP), coordinated by the Ministry of Communications and Information Society and funded by the World Bank and Romanian Government, was a chance to revitalise vine-growing, the main activityread entire text


"PNDR comes to your village" campaign reaches PAPI Homocea

The largest European funds awareness campaign, aiming to inform people in rural areas and called “PNDR comes to your village”, reached Homocea in autumn. The promoter of this campaign was Adina Grama, the RECL manager in the community which was part of the Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP)read entire text


More than 800 farmers come to PAPI Luduș to submit online subsidy requests

Almost 800 farmers from around Luduș (Mureş County) came this year to PAPI to register, fill in and submit online per-surface payments request, for funds offered through the Agency for Payments and Intervention in Agriculture (APIA). PAPI offered farmers and people delegated by APIA both the spaceread entire text


RECL Jurilovca participates in Social Economy Fair

Jurilovca will be present on December 7th, 2013, at the Social Economy Fair in Bucharest. The event is part of the RIES project – Network of Social Economy Incubators, through which four structures were founded in Jurilovca, and 12 people hired. Jurilovca RECL manager was the one to bring to theread entire text


Financial education at RECL Tulgheș

In August and September 2013, the Tulgheș Communal Library hosted a course called BaniIQ (MoneyIQ). Two groups of adults and two groups of high school students took the training, a total of 18 people. At the end, they were all impressed about the educational role, accumulating financial knowledgeread entire text


RECL Vaideeni helps 140 young unemployed become entrepreneurs

Locals in the KEP community of Vaideeni and the neighbouring community of Costești (Vâlcea County) are taking place in an entrepreneurship course organised at PAPI Vaideeni, using the modern equipment offered by the Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP) implemented by the Ministry of Communicationsread entire text


Farmers in Roata de Jos ask for a ‘First House’-type programme for agriculture

The information caravan “NRDP comes to your village” regarding European funds for the development of agriculture and the Romanian village, reached Roata de Jos (Giurgiu) in November. It’s the largest campaign aiming to advertise European funds in rural localities. Farmers in the KEP community alsoread entire text


Two new businesses open thanks to PAPI Schela

Following an awareness campaign implemented in spring by the Schela City Hall and PAPI centre, regarding LAG access to non-reimbursable European funds, two local entrepreneurs won financing. The two locals will start businesses or expand their current business. Through the Local Action Group (LAG)read entire text


Cream cake from Sângeorgiu de Pădure, local brand promoted by PAPI

The cream cake produced in Sângeorgiu de Pădure (Mureş) is a very much liked cake, a real local brand. Whoever tastes it will never forget how good it is. For this traditional product to be known throughout the country, the local PAPI decided to promote it, by using the modern IT&C equipmentread entire text


Caraș honey, sold online with help from PAPI Bănia and PAPI Oravița

There are hundreds of beekeepers in Banat, which make very tasty honey. Some of them want to certify their products as organic. Since many times they stumbled on bureaucratic barriers, they received support from employees of PAPI centres. In order to promote themselves better, PAPI employees usedread entire text


PAPI Fîrliug helps brandy makers in Banatul Montan register a trademark

More than 600 authorised brandy makers in Banatul Montan, members of the Brandy Makers Association, have registered the brand „Banat Brandy” with support from PAPI Fîrliug , Caraș-Severin County. PAPI employees also helped them create a blog for promotion, and now they are looking for an investor toread entire text


Entrepreneurship in Băneasa, promoted online by KEP

In the city of Băneasa (Constanţa county), local entrepreneurs are being encouraged to develop their business. PAPI plays an active part in writing sustainable business plans, as well as business promotion. It is all possible thanks to the modern IT&C infrastructure offered by the Knowledge-Basedread entire text


A chance to promote local products in Mureş

Traditional Mureș products are soon to hit the market. They will be bought online through a store which was created in the eEntrepreneurs 2012 competition, financed by the Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP) implemented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Society. In Sângeorgiu deread entire text


KEP helps 10 families in Schela build their own vegetable greenhouses

Some 10 young families in Schela (Galaţi), with risk of marginalisation and exclusion, are supported and helped to overcome their condition. During the project „Together for sustainable development”, implemented by the Association „Centre of Resources for the Schela community” in partnership withread entire text


Local organic products fairs, a success of RECL Sărulești employees

The first edition of the Easter Fair in Săndulița, a village part of Săruleşti , was a success for the local community in Călărași County. That’s why the RECL manager decided to turn the initative into a tradition. PAPI has started work to organise a harvest fair in autumn. RECL manager Dan Vasileread entire text




PNDR vine in satul tau !


Vineri 15 noiembrie caravana de informare privind fondurile europene pentru dezvoltarea agriculturii si satului romanesc este la Roata de Jos, judetul Giurgiu. Campania de informare "PNDR VINE IN SATUL TAU" presupune derularea unui circuit national de informare a beneficiarilor (actuali siread entire text


Promovare prin intermediul rețelei Facebook


Dacă inițial Facebook era doar o rețea de socializare, odată cu dezvoltarea a devenit o platformă ideală pentru promovarea unei afaceri. Plecând de la premiza că, cea mai cunoscută rețea de socializare din România, cu un număr foarte mare de utilizatori, poate fi de folos unui întreprinzător, doamnaread entire text


Pensiunea Smarald Targu Lapus - oază de liniște într-un peisaj pitoresc


PENSIUNEA SMARALD - OAZĂ DE LINIȘTE ÎNTR-UN PEISAJ PITORESC - S.C. SMARALD S.R.L. (CUI: RO 3824554) a fost înfiinţată în anul 1993 având ca principal obiect de activitate Comerţul cu amănuntul al articolelor şi aparatelor electrocasnice, etc. în magazine specializate cod CAEN 4754 (dealer pentruread entire text


RoDo Online - Gustul tradiţiei


Anul trecut am postat pe site-ul eComunitate un articol despre firma SC Dorialexis SRL din Sângeorgiu de Pădure, firmă care a reluat producererea renumtei prăjituri tradiţionale „Cremeş ca la Sângeorgiu de Pădure”, după o perioadă lungă de absenţă a produsului respectiv de pe pieţile de desfacere.read entire text


Stâna turistică din Cacica


Stâna turistică din Cacica Obiectivul turistic este vizitat de multă lume de la oraș cât și de la sate. Ea a fost construită în anul 2007. Vânzarea cașului și a urdei care sunt produse naturale și sănătoase se face în fiecare zi mai puțin vinerea, zi în care nu se vinde nici un produs.Totul se faceread entire text


Piscina cu apă sărată - Biblioteca-centru de iradiere a informației


PISCINĂ CU APĂ SĂRATĂ ACOPERITĂ Satul CACICA aflat la poalele Obcinii Mari este un sat foarte frumos și vizitat tot timpul anului de nenumărați turiști. Printre atracțiile satului se numără și bazinele cu apă sărată, fiind mai numeroase. Unul dintre ele este ,,Piscina cu apă sărată acoperită ,,read entire text


Mina de sare - Biblioteca-centru de iradiere a informației


MINA DE SARE În Cacica în adâncul pământului se află o mare bogăție, mina de sare. Din timpuri străvechi cercetătorii au descoperit această bogăție. În mină s-a construit o biserică, un lac cu saramură, un muzeu, un magazin, o sală de sport și altele. Treptele pe care pășesc oamenii cu atenție suntread entire text


Complex Cultural Turistic Cacica - Biblioteca centru de iradiere a informatiei


Complexul C ultural T uristic Cacica În ultimul timp în Cacica s-a construit un c omplex foarte frumos. Are 3 etaje. În el sunt d ormitoare, băi, bucătărie. Are o curte spațioasă unde se dau spectacole. Acolo sunt cazați mulți turiști, care vin să viziteze Cacica. Ei sunt foarte uimiți de primirearead entire text


Tineri pentru Romania


Parteneriatul incheiat anul trecut intre comuna Roata de Jos (prin PAPI) si Centru l de Afaceri Transfrontalier ”Danubius” Giurgiu se concretizeaza in aceasta vara prin includerea comunei noastre in programul ”Tineri pentru Romania” - ”Jeunese en Roumanie”. Astfel, in cadrul acestui program 8 tineriread entire text




Incepand cu data de 5 decembrie, la Roata de Jos a inceput cursul de " lucrator in comert", in cadrul proiectului " E-WORD (Empowering WOmen for Rural Development) - Emanciparea Femeilor pentru Dezvoltare Rurala, Ocuparea Fortei de Munca, Antreprenoriat ". Proiectul este implementat de Federatiaread entire text




Vineri 2 decembrie a avut loc la Roata de Jos un workshop in cadrul proiectului " Biofuels - source of common sustainable development in the cross - border cooperation area". Proiectul este finanta prin Programul de cooperare transfrontaliera Romania - Bulgaria. Parteneri in acest proiect sunt :read entire text


AGROSTAR - multumim !


Federația Agrostar are plăcerea de a vă invita la conferința regională care marchează finalizarea implementării proiectului " Dinamizare Rurală prin Angajare Sustenabilă ”, proiect co-finanţat din Fondul Social European prin Programul Operaţional Sectorial – Dezvoltarea Resurselor Umane. Evenimentulread entire text




I ndiferent de zona din care vii, indiferent că ajungi la noi pentru a lua masa sau pentru a te caza câteva zile, Pensiunea Lostriţa te va întâmpina cu un aer de „acasă”. Situată pe malul lacului Izvorul Muntelui, foarte aproape de Bicaz (sat Buhalniţa, comuna Hangu, judeţul Neamţ), Pensiunearead entire text

Lunca Banului7

being situated on the valley of Prut river, th prdominant relief is the lowland except some hills that are set in the West of the villages of Lunca Veche, Otetoaia and Lunca Bnului, known as "Chişul Iepurelui", "Basta Forest" and "Saca" Hill.read entire text