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Awards and prizes


EPSA 2011

The Knowledge Based Economy Project has received a new certification of Good Practice at the 2011 „European Public Sector Awards” (EPSA) within the European Institution of Public Administration.

The Best Practice Certificate has been received upon three evaluation steps made by an experienced jury, comprising a shortlist of 58 nominees from a total of 274 projects from 33 participating countries. The Ministry of Communications and Information Society, through the Project Management Unit, competed  in the EPSA 2011 Awards at the „Smart Public Service in a Cold Economic Climate”category. This Best Practice distinction rewards and certify the outstanding results that KEP Project has had until now.


The COMPUTERWORLD Honors Program

The Project Management Unit, within the Ministry of Communications and Information Society, has been named a Laureate in the 2011 ComputerWorld Honors Program.

The „Knowledge based Economy Project” joins 254 others from 23 countries as Laureates in this year’s program, from more than 1000 applicants world wide.

The Awards Ceremony will be held in June, 20th 2011, in Washington D.C., USA.


National Agency of Public Servants

1st Prize at the National Competition of Best Practices in Public Administration, , for "Improving public services through quality management and organizational performance" category, organized by the National Agency of Public Servants in 2010.

Knowledge based Economy Project is considered to be an example of good practice in Romania's public administration due to its remarkable results, its proven efficiency and its disseminated practices.



Finalist, at the International Project Excellence Awards 2010, in "Project Excellence in Medium-Sized Projects" category, organized by the International Project Management Association (IPMA).

The solid implementation and success of the IT&C Training Program in school and business and the eCommunity.ro Portal, both part of the KEP Project, have impressed the IPMA jury (Project Management International Association), who recommends them as one of the most important achievements in project management.


e-Inclusion 2008

Medal at the e-Inclusion Competitionorganized by the European Commission, at the section “Geographic Inclusion” section, Vienna, 2008. The Knowledge based Economy Project is considered an example of good practice for effective use of IT&C and digital technology to tackle social disadvantage and digital exclusion.


Romanian IT&C Awards 2006

Knowledge Based Economy was considered to be the "Project with the best informational content" at the Romanian IT&C Awards – Bucharest, 2006, for contributing to the extensive process of expanding access to information technologies and modern communications to rural communities.

Towards to ease the people access, especially to under-privileged communities, to information of interest regarding the administrative domain, the eComunitate portal reunites, by it’s structure, a range of legal information, news of interest, development programs, and funding opportunities, studies, reports and online resources on administrative issues.

In the public administration, a number of changes occurred recent years, both in terms of how to approach relations with taxpayers, and transparency in public officials activities.

By its efforts to improve the speed of response to citizens' requests, the romanian administration has identified new ways to reduce bureaucracy and streamline their activity. A solution with beneficial results on the performance of administration is the large and constant communication with citizens.


KEP, seen as an eye-opener and job creator for Arbore

The Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP) implemented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Society was for the community in Arbore , in the county of Suceava, a source of important benefits, says the local RECL manager. Youth were helped integrate easier in the technology savvy world weread entire text


Tourist Info Centres promoting Banat in Bănia and Dalboșeț

Banatul Montan, famous for its touristic areas, will be promoted by two Tourist Information Centres in Caraș-Severin County, in the communes of Bănia and Dalboșet . PAPI employees were involved in writing the projects, due to their dedication for attracting tourists and solving a major issue forread entire text


KEP, a chance for Jimbolia to become a civilised European city

For Jimbolia , Timiș, KEP was an opportunity for the community and public administration to get involved in projects which could put the locality on the map of civilised European cities. Attracting the needed European funds proved to be less complicated thanks to the experience acquired by the RECLread entire text


Wine Festival promoted by PAPI Luduș

Thousands gathered in Luduș for this year’s Wine Festival, which lasted for three days. The large numbers of visitors come after the PAPI centre promoted the event on its website, http://recl-ludus.xhost.ro , a webpage created and updated by IT administrator Mirela Stoica. The webpage of PAPI wasread entire text

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